Build Passive Income, Destroy Your Debt, Automate Your Finances.

Learn wealth building strategies employed by the rich to help you navigate the road to financial security and lifestyle freedom.

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We teach Employees, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs How to Stop Relying on a Single Source of Income...

...and build a highly effective, Automated System for managing your money, rapidly paying down Debt and increasing your Cash Flow.

We Grew Up Hearing the Same Old Mantra:

  • "Get good grades, go to college and get a degree."
  • "Go for the steady paycheck and climb the corporate ladder."
  • "Save your money."
  • "Just work hard and it will come."

It's the"American Dream!", they said...

The problem is, for a great many people, it's just not happening.

If you're worried about money, you're not alone. 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck

1 in 3 Americans wont have enough to live on in retirement

50% of people near retirement age hardly have anything. Millennial's are faring even worse with hardly any retirement and very few assets. It's clear that a storm is coming and many of us are not prepared. 

Americans Are Deep in Debt

Average Debt per Household:

Credit card debt: $16,748
Mortgages: $176,000
Auto loans: $29,000
Student loans: $50,000

The Financial Industry Has Failed Us


  • Once we get into the workforce we are bombarded with marketing messages from the age old financial industry telling us to hand over our money. "Leave it to the professionals and it'll be fine", they said. But it's not, is it? 
  • Most of the "products" financial advisors put our money in have high commissions and over time most can't even beat the market! With those high expenses, a huge chunk of the gains in our retirement accounts over 30 years will go to paying fees. 
  • They have no skin in the game, take none of the risk and at the end, if you don't have enough in retirement, they still got paid...for decades! Does that sound like a good deal? Does it sound like something you would want to invest in?
  • In the 2008 financial crash, over 16 years of retirement savings were wiped out in a very short time even though their clients were supposedly "diversified". They can keep doing this as long as people are not financially educated and don't understand what is happening with their money.
  • It's a broken system with high fees for low performance. 

What Are the Rich Doing Differently?

"The Rich Get Richer" is the old saying right? But how?

Did you know that the average multi-millionaire has around 7 different sources of income? The average employee has 1 source of income: Their J.O.B.

The Rich "see" money differently. They have a Wealth Mindset and because of this, they SPEND money differently from the middle class as well. 

√ Despite the constant stream of marketing and lifestyle promotion that shows the rich in large mansions, and driving Lamborghinis, most of the millionaires in this country are self made, and they got that way by living below their means and Investing their money.

√ They got rich and get richer, by buying Assets, which pay them each month. Their wealth in turn, keeps growing like a snowball. 

If You Want to Become Rich, You Need to See Money Like the Rich.

There Is One Other Thing the Wealthy Focus on Constantly...


Sure there are many Millionaires with college degrees, but that isn't really the most important factor when it comes to making money. It's Financial Education. The Rich know how money works and most importantly, how to get money working FOR THEM.

Financial Education is (curiously) not really taught in schools. We teach our kids all about Parallelograms but not how to manage money. It's no wonder we leave school ready to get a job but ill-equipped to manage the money we make from that very job. 

The system is broken. We want to fix it. 

  If you want to give yourself a raise by increasing your cash flow with passive income, allowing you to make money outside of your job, this will be great for you. 

  If you have debt you need to get rid of, Liquid can help you eliminate it faster than you imagined.

√  If you feel overwhelmed and that you dont have time to focus on yourself, your goals or your finances, the Liquid program can help you free up time to get the right things done. 

√  If you want a better retirement or even help figuring out what your most important goals are in life, you will really benefit from what we've put together. 

We know there is a better way.

We take a holistic approach to financial education. We don't believe there is a "magic pill" and building wealth is never a "get rich quick" sprint. It's a marathon. Just look at Warren Buffett.

The key is to start with a good foundation: a solid understanding of how money really works and build on that, taking you Step by Step from newbie to knowledgeable investor.

The good news is it's not too late to change the game!

The Solution Is Liquid Financial Wellness

Increase Cash Flow. Destroy your bad debt. Navigate the road to financial freedom.

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Liquid Is for People Who Want to Stop Running in the Rat Race

Here's what you'll get:


The Wealth Mindset

Get more productive, learn to manage your time, create your vision, set goals, make a plan and gain the mindset required for growing wealth. Learn what the wealthy already know about money. 


Free Up Cash Flow You Didn't Know You Had

Use automated spend tracking and our super simple allocation tools to free up new cash flow you can use to pay down debt or build wealth. Learn how to reallocate capital so you are spending less on frivolity and more on what really matters to you.


Discover the Insider's Playbook on How Debt Actually Works

We've been told for years that debt is bad. But this is only a half truth. Not all debt is bad. Sometimes debt can be good too. Learn about different types of debt and how it can actually help you make money.


Destroy Your Bad Debt and Fix Your Credit

Got bad debt? Use our proprietary and proven, 4 Step formula for killing your bad debt (or any debt for that matter) faster than you ever thought possible. 


Get Your Money Working Hard For You

Get off the Rat Race money hamster wheel, and get your dollars working hard for you.



Put your money making machine on autopilot. Learn how managing your money and investing, can be placed largely on autopilot, freeing up your time for more important things, like family, friends, or even making more money!


Risk Management

Learn how to protect what's most important to you. Life insurance, supplemental health, liability and more- protect the assets you have worked so hard to build. 


Build Your Cash Flow Engine

Once you have a solid foundation, we will up your game with wealth strategies designed to help you create passive income with success in Real Estate, P2P lending...

...And Much, Much More!

What we've outlined is just a part of what we've put into this course and what you'll learn as a Liquid Member. The best part, is that everything comes from real life experience... This isn't college class theory. This is a living course that pulls back the curtain on the wealth strategies of the rich in a way that everyone can understand.

Liquid Financial Wellness is a Comprehensive Financial Education System

  • An 8 step program packed with highly actionable Strategies, Tips and Tactics designed to take you from where you are today, to where you want to be.
  • Lifetime access to our cloud-based program from any device with hours of video and audio content so you can learn at your own pace, wherever you are (even on mobile). 
  • Online Tools to help you apply the financial knowledge you acquire in the program to your own unique situation with your own numbers.
  • Advanced Wealth Strategy: Once you have a solid foundation, go beyond the basics of other courses and take a deep dive into upping your investing game. 
  • A private, vetted Facebook group for you to interact with other students and members of the Liquid Financial Wellness team, creating a positive environment for learning and staying motivated to succeed.
  • Free updates for life, as the program is improved and new content is added.
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What People Are Saying

"Before I enrolled in the program, I didn't know anything about managing my own finances. I just hadn’t made it a priority. Over the years I had built up a lot of debt and was starting to worry about money. Liquid gave me a great foundation for managing my own finances and showed me how I could increase my monthly cash flow while at the same time pay off my high interest debts. I'll be debt free by the end of the year and I have a solid roadmap for increasing my monthly income."

Michael C.

"My kids are a big part of my life. I also work, so that leaves me with little time to focus on managing my money. It was nice having a course that was laid out step by step, because I could spend a little time each week going through it and easily make progress even with my busy schedule. The action steps made it easy to know what to do next which was important to me since anything to do with money always seemed so daunting. Now I feel like I have a good handle on my money and it's a good feeling knowing my money is working for me!"

Stacy M.

"I had been dabbling in stocks for many years with mixed success and I have a business that's doing well, but as with all businesses, some months are better than others. I didn't really have a plan for putting my money to work in a way that would help keep my income steady during those leaner months. I wanted to increase my monthly income, but I didn't want to be working another 60 hours a week to do it. I really wanted the freedom to be able to choose my own investments and the strategies taught in the Liquid program allowed me to do just that. It was great for taking my investing to the next level so I'm now making more money every month, but it's all passive income. "

Christian R.

Results vary from person to person.

  • Do you wish you knew strategies for buying cash flowing assets that increase your monthly income?
  • Do you want to learn a proven system for eliminating bad debt and even paying off a mortgage in record time?
  • Are you ready to ditch the so called "gurus", the endless parade of empty tactics and "get rich quick schemes", to finally learn proven, tested strategies for increasing your monthly income, eliminating debt and automating your finances-- freeing up your time and energy? 
  • What if you could provide financial security for you and your family because you know you have a system that's working to grow your monthly income and your retirement?
  • And most of all, imagine what it would be like to have clarity of purpose and the knowledge that you were working towards your life's most important goals.

Are You Ready to Join a Family of Like-Minded People Who Use Our Proven Systems to Live a Truly Rich Life?

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